Lakeway Divorce Lawyer for Men – Board Certified Attorney Scott Morgan

Men going through a divorce face serious issues involving their future financial security and even their relationships with their children.  In some ways the deck seems stacked against you.  If you are in this situation then you need to be prepared to make good decisions on how to move forward.  The first step is finding someone experienced that you can trust to look out to protect your rights.

Scott Morgan is not only a board certified family law attorney who practiced family law for over two decades, he is also a divorced father who knows not only the legal issues you are confronted with but also the practical issues of adjusting to being a single dad.

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Why Hire Scott Morgan as Your Austin Divorce Lawyer?

  • Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
  • Scott handles divorce and family law cases exclusively.
  • Your case will have the personal attention of Scott, not passed off to less experienced associate attorneys.
  • Scott will thoroughly explain your options and give his candid advice on how to proceed.
  • The focus will be to resolve your case will be to obtain a fair and reasonable outcome for your as early in the process as possible.

Has Scott Dealt with My Specific Divorce Issue Before?

During over 20 years as a Texas divorce lawyer Scott Morgan has come across nearly every possible issue, including:

  • agreed and uncontested divorces
  • large estate and complicated property divisions
  • contested custody
  • separate versus community property issues (known as “characterization”)
  • business ownership and valuation issues in divorce cases
  • post-divorce spousal support (also known as alimony)
  • child support amounts requested above the Texas guidelines
  • trust property and beneficiary issues
  • out-of-state real estate ownership
  • child support modification
  • child custody modification
  • enforcement of child support and other court orders
  • paternity
  • name changes of adults and minor children

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If you are in the process of divorcing in Austin you need the advice of an experienced family  law attorney.  Armed with the knowledge a consultation will give you will prepare you for dealing with the divorce process and aid you to reach a fair resolution of your case.  Call our office to schedule a free no-obligation 30 minute phone consultation with Scott Morgan.  He will learn about your situation, answer your questions and let you know your available options.

Provide your name and number below and we will call you during business hours to schedule a free phone consultation with Scott Morgan.