How to Effectively Co-Parent With Your Ex after a Divorce

Published December 19, 2018 | By

The idea behind coparenting is that even though your marriage is over the parenting relationship you have with your ex continues. In over two decades of practice I have seen people who have handled this situation effectively, as well as those who have spent their children’s remaining childhood feuding with each other. Obviously, the latter situation should be avoided if at all possible. Here are my best tips on how to effectively manage that relationship. Continue reading →

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Can a Child Age Twelve Decide Which Parent to Live With

Published July 29, 2017 | By

I have been asked this question more times than I can count during my career.  More often, it is stated to me as fact, as in “well my child is over twelve, so he/she gets to decide who he/she wants to live with.” This belief is based on a misinterpretation of a very real Texas Family Code statute concerning the wishes of a child twelve or older.

Section 153.009

Here is what Texas Family Code Section 153.009 says Continue reading →

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